UCO1 mining contract details are available above, you can make a deposit as easy as sending bitcoins to your unique wallet address. Login to your personal account and click "Make Deposit" link. One bitcoin address is automatically generated for you, any amount you send to this address will be added to your mining contract. After this step UCO1 instantly starts mining on behalf o...f you and you can see/withdraw your profits each day. 


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Kada araw ay may dadating na paid ads sa account mo at ang value ng paid ads ay depende sa dami ng Bonus Ad Points(BAP) mo. Mas maraming BAP mas mataas ang value ng paid ads na dadating sau every day. Kada $0.0005 na paid ads na dadating sayo ay mag coconsume ng 1 BAP. Meaning na yung BAP mo ay macoconvert sa paid ads



LibertaGia Mondial is a technology company that operates internationally, the main objective is to develop and consolidate the information systems that solve the main problems arising in people's lives.We strive to integrate technology solutions that will help your personal, professional or social life.



 Auto-payouts for this week have now started and you should receive them in the next 6 hours if you had enabled auto-withdraw in your account.
If your account balance is over the minimum of 0.00005460 BTC and you do not get paid in the next 6 hours, please enable auto-withdraw by clicking the button that says WITHDRAW BITCOINS above and then check the box next to AUTO WITHDRAW to get paid next week. 


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Alien Faucet

.. but luckily they are only entering through this faucet, where they line up single file
.. and can be killed kinda easily
.. but only by people who know what bitcoin is!
Luckily thats you!

Now get to work, quick! There's one attacking right no!

Currently other soldiers are killing aliens every 5 minutes (claim every 5 minutes) for 254 satoshi per kill, which is anAVERAGE of 3048 satoshi per hour!

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